The Artist

Yolanda Mediavilla Capilla

Yolanda Mediavilla Capilla was born in Mérida Extremadura Spain, May 10th, 1975.
From her early years of life she shows a natural instinct for the art of painting, her favorite hobby has been always to play with colors and pencils.
After going to school, she choose a variety of studies.
From 1993 to 1996 she studied at the National Polytechnic University in Cáceres (ITIS), where she followed courses of Technical ENGINEERING in Computer Systems classes.
From 1997 to 1998 she specialized in animation cinema, and attended to the EUOGIO Blasco Cáceres school of fine arts, Spain.
In the same year she was short listed to be trained as animation film specialist, where she worked in the production called “Al Oeste”, which made several films of cartoons, including a winning Goya for “Qué vecinos tan animales”, and the TV serie broadcasted on TVE2 “Memé y el señor Bobo”.
From 1998 to 2000 she attended to the UOC University Universitat Oberta of Catalunya following courses in multimedia design, video and sound editing and production, web animation and programming, computer graphics production and processing and management production.
From 2000 to 2003 she specialized in different artistic techniques, including:
Ceramic expression, Raku technique, expression of ceramic painting, dialogue between the language of painting and other art forms, expression of research in painting.
During this period of her artistic growth, moreover Yolanda begins even a very personal growth that is coming to the soul´s consciousness, based on metaphysics. This is a philosophical concept, and it is on this subject that all her energy is focused; of life and art. This greater soul´s development and human being evolution, leads her increasingly to to want to convey in his work, creating a public initiated.
Her work is characterized by the use of semiprecious minerals (Quarzo, Jade, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli , Diamond dust, etc … which emits an energy and give a natural color, respecting the artist interest in the use of natural materials taken from nature itself, which already have its own vibration and shade) creating an energetic harmony in the composition , and a material structure in the sinuosity of its forms.

Spirituality and sweet feeling

It is difficult to be able to sculpt the sense of a spirituality and a sweet feeling in the canvas. But Yolanda succeeds precisely in this intent through the subtle use of colors, white in the first place.

Awards and Contests

The best way to express yourself

From the first few days of searching for herself, the artist finds the best way to express herself in her works, she receives positive feedback that brings her to take part in several contests and win more prizes.


2020 – Individual exhibition at 5 stars Hotel “Royal Hideaway Coral Suite”, and in the art exposition “La Musa”, in La Caleta, Tenerife South.


2019 – Individual exhibition at Frax Foundation (Alicante).

Individual exhibition at 5 stars Hotel “Royal Hideaway Coral Suite”, and in the art exposition “La Musa”, in La Caleta, Tenerife South.


2018 – Individual exhibition “espejo” in La Figuera , cultural association (Denia).


2017 – Individual exhibition “aqua” in La Figuera, cultural association (Denia).


2016 – Individual exhibition at El MAC of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


2015 – Permanent exhibition at Gallery New Art Gallery Boulevard del Antiquariato, in Barcelona, where she got a prize in the exhibition “Arte y energía”.

Individual exhibition at the Mercedes Benz house, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Selected for the benefic exhibition in support of the NGO “Nuevo Futuro” in the art gallery “Iriarte” in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Individual exhibition in the 5 stars Hotel Baobab Suite, Bahía del Duque, in Tenerife.


2014 – Individual exhibition, Fundación Frax (Alicante).


2013 – Collective exhibition in Genova “Circle of Fine Arts of Genova”.


2011 -Winner of the internacional prize of Bratislava (Slovakia).


2010 – Winner of the international prize of “Pearl of the Adriatic” Italy.


2009 – An individual exhibition at the European fund laboratory school for Castè Riccò del Golfo de La Spezia.

In 2009, beneficiary aution of the “Rotari” group.


2008 – The year 2008 is for the artist a year of important growth and meetings with new art styles; besides, she obtein two relevant awards in museums: a permanent exhibition at the Museum of the Swatch Milan in Italy and the purchase of a work of the only one anthropological museum in Spain, in Valencia de Alcántara.

During the same year, she met Tara Gandhi, granddaughter of the famous pacifist, who chooses a work by Yolanda Mediavilla Capilla, since then she keeps it on permanent exhibition in the office where she works: Yoga Sarva International

Throughout the year 2008, she also participated in more touring a exhibitions across Italy, respectively, in the gallery Poliedro of Trieste, the Castello di Lerici La Spezia, the Art Hotel Shelley and delle Palme Lerici in La Spezia, the gallery “Air Gallería de arte” in Pietrasanta, the “Air Galeria de arte” gallery in Florence, and finally in the “Margutta” gallery in Rome.


2007 – She exhibited in “Arte Abierto” in the Bramante Hall on Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy.

In the same year, she exhibited is her own stand in the “Ancient Art” gallery Forte di Marmi Lucca, Pietrasanta Italy and an individual exhibition in the “Formato cómodo” gallery in Madrid, Spain.


2006 – She won the extraordinary prize “Arte en la llamada” in Tenerife, Spain.

In the same year she was awarded the logos´construction for the carmaker BMW with branch in Bavaria. Spain.

She participated in four exhibitions-events: for “Arte en la calle ” in the Cultural Center of Los Cristianos, in the Cultural Center of Adeje and in the gallery “Arte Mas Memos 4”; these are the main exhibition places of culture about visual art in Tenerife, Spain.


2005 – Selected for the contest “La campaña de comunicación sobre el sol”, organized by the Health Department. Spain. In the same year she was selected for the competition “Mantener limpia la ciudad”, organized by the Department as an urban part “País de los animales” Spain.



2002Winner of the competition for advertising cosmetics brand ” Shadana “, natural cosmetics. Spain.


2000 – She was selected for the National Federation of Advertising competition company, with the subject of Continuing Education, Spain.


1997 – She was selected for the painting competition by the Department of the Women “Organización de Mujeres Progresistas” against female violence in Spain.