Artist Statement

The work of Yolanda Mediavilla Capilla is born from the soul, from her earthly conscience, from her unconditional love for the offers she makes to us; For this reason the use of natural materials for their realization, which feed his works, passes through the fruits of the sea such as “mother of pearl” and “pearls” , up to treasures of the earth in their different forms such as semiprecious minerals: lapis lazuli, quartz (green, white, transparent), blue of the Nile, violet of Vesuvius, jade, jasper, terracotta, volcanic lava, gypsum ...  and their different supports: fabrics, canvases, paper, glass, wood …
Thus creating, with this combination of materials, a vibrational work that interacts with the viewer.
The primacy of white and the natural tones of minerals illuminate the creations, thus inviting purity and hospitality to a shared journey without fear. It is a peaceful return to our loving essence, a gesture to change the course of this wounded Age.

The works are a continuity of the whole, without beginning or end, for this reason their lines are not defined in a framework of completion and framing … leaving room for the internal connection with all the existing worlds and universes.
The stroke comes from inside the soul, naked, sweet, which like an overture introduces us to circular life, where the flow of existence is a slow, wise, humble, courageous and subtle transmutation.

The works are an invitation to self-knowledge, to a profound personal journey, to embrace the shadow and to reconcile with oblivion. A sensible acceptance for a true exit from the chrysalis.

With delicacy and courage.

Yolanda Mediavilla succeeds through the subtle use of colors, white in the first place, to carve a sense of spirituality and a sweet feeling on the canvas.  

The Works
An “Anima Libera” (free soul) like her.

A Spaniard who impresses her homeland delicacy on her canvases. The soul of whoever captures the essence of the paintings breathes, in an empathic atmosphere between the expressiveness of the artist and the impression collected by the observer.
It is difficult to be able to sculpt the sense of a spirituality and a sweet feeling in the canvas. But Yolanda succeeds precisely in this intent through the subtle use of colors, white in the first place.
The sense of motherhood through barely hinted signs of a female bride’s body in white alongside a gray round. The passion of Christ through golden drops that weep the body just hinted at as an angelic figure.

Yolanda Mediavilla manages to “elevate the soul – as Enrico Formica used to say – aspires to the good as well as to the beautiful, drags beyond reality, into a spiritual world“.

In another dimension, which through external observation brings back to the world of interiority.
With delicacy and courage, as is Yolanda in life.

Simona Pardini